Stretching & Your Body Alignment – Instruction

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Keep You Body In Alignment Whilst Stretching

 “Stretch Always- Don’t Be The Person That Skips This”!

It’s very important when stretching that you stay in alignment as it can:-

  • Increase the functionality of the muscle
  • Avoid injury
  • Increase range of motion in the joints

It’s so important, if you want to be exercising for a considerable length of time and be injury free, to return the muscle to the pre-exercise length and a lot of people do not do this. . .

. . . Please. . . Don’t Be That Person. . .

Make sure you target the major muscles, which are the large ones and then do not forget about the smaller ones too as they form an important part in supporting the large ones.

Think of the body as a perfect machine and when it in alignment everything becomes comfortable even when the muscle is in overload through flexibility training.

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