Shooaway Fly Repellent

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Stop Flies Around Food With This Great Fly Repellent

We all want to stop flies around food that’s why I agreed to help spread the word abbout this ingenious new product to the UK Called the Shooaway!

It shoos flies away by using 2 spinning plastic blades with patented holographic discs that make the flies go into dis-orientation as it affects their eyes because of the way flies see.Kardy with Shooaway

It is harmless to pets and children and works on 2 x AA batteries. You can use it at barbeques, restaurants, catering events in fact anywhere where food is on show and may be exposed to flies.

The Shooaway Really Works . . .

This things actually works as I have tried it and am very impressed. I think its the must have gadget for all summers in all countries as more and more people are having barbeques and dining outside and in places where flies are prevalent.

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