How To Do Push Ups For Men & Women – Instruction

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How To Do Press Ups The Right Way

 “Push It Real Good”!

This is a multi-muscle activity and is very effective in strengthening the upper body. Chest (pectorals), back of the arm (triceps), shoulders (deltoids) and even abdominals and back.

We deal with 3 types of push ups
Box push up (Kneeling)
The normal push up or advanced push upKardy’s Correct Way To Do Push Ups | Press Ups For Men & Women

The most important thing is to stay in alignment so you can actually feel the muscles working.

You should also think about the exercise being slow and controlled.

Keep you abdominal muscles pulled in and keep your head up. If you follow these points you will get full benefits from this multi-muscle action regardless of what level you are at.

Enjoy as you will get results.


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