600 People At A Fitness Weekend

Kardy Teaching & Beatboxing!

Big Kardy Class With Formation

  • Kardy teaches simple moves that all can do!
  • Kardy entertains while he is teaching
  • The size of the class is not an issue - Everybody gets it!
  • He creates a work of art out of the crowd
  • He wears incredible special made outfits that wow the crowd
  • He has been all over the world teaching a total in excess of 1,000,000 people
kardy beatbox

A World Class Inspiration

Kardy Surprises 100 Ladies!!

Truly One of a kind. Many People have come and gone in fitness but Kardy is stillAndy Lucas Testimonial Pic as brilliant as the day I first saw him perform.

Andy Lucas - Owner Fitness Fiesta Events


I call him the professor. He is amazing anLucy- Leighd teaching his unique style is just on small part of his huge talents

Lucy-Leigh - Singer, Songwiter

Class With Many In Yorkshire

"The Pied Piper Of Fitness"

Kardy Party In Basingstoke

I first met him in 1993 when we both presented in a Brasil Fitness Convention in 1993. Brett TestimonialThen in 1998 I brought him over to NZ for our "NZ Fitness Experience convention" in Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch. He is the Pied Piper of fitness and the most entertaining presenter I've ever met and unbelievably hasn't changed a day in 20 years. You are a legend brother!

Brett Fairweather. NZ