Leg and Buttock Stretches

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First go here to work your butt & legs and then follow the stretches in this video for stretching your buttocks.

And if you just want to stretch daily, I challenge you to do this for 1 week daily and see what an amazing difference it will make for relieving tension in your lower back and buttock region.

Buttocks are also called glutes or gluteal muscles.

Remember the following while doing this:-

  • Breathe and relax.
  • Stay in alignment at all times.
  • Make sure you engage with the stretch. It doesn’t matter how far you go just that you feel the stretch as everybody is different.
  • Make sure you do not tense while doing the glute stretches.

If you feel any type of unnatural discomfort e.g. in your joints stop immediately.

More information on your glutes can be found here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gluteal_muscles


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