Kardy Party Dance Workout

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Kardy Party Dance Workout

 “If Hundreds Can Do It- So Can You”!

Dance Fitness At Its Best – Lose Weight Whilst Moving With Kardy.

Choose from a selection of warm ups -This will increase over time – check back regularly.


You will love it!
Then you will be ready to do the infamous easy to do dance workout that is do-able by all and sundry no matter what age or level you are in your fitness or movement experience.

The workout is only around 6 minutes long but when sandwiched between a warm up and a cool down it makes for a great 15 minute dance fitness aerobic workout session.

Let us know how you get on by contacting us here. If you have any suggestions do let us know as well.

Here is the finished product. . .

At some point we will make a great program based on what you want, it will be a premium product and we will make sure you get quality and benefit.

If you have not signed up to the Kardys Fitness list you can do so here

See you at the next workout. . .


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