Radio Interview With Peter Holmes

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The Juicing Revolution Talked About On BBC Essex.

Kardy Laguda and Peter Holmes talk about juicing and the popularity of juicing.

Juicing is being implemented by so many people nowadays and they are usung it as a nutrition boost. This is not a meal replacement but it is in addition to eating wholesome foods that the body can digest and utilise for its everyday maintenance and function.

What Is So Special About Kardys Juicing?

Kardy started off juicing by accident and when it was noticed as something that packed a power punch of  energy and nutrition he started to refine his style of juicing and created 2 information apps called Juice 7 and Juice More.

The essence of his style of juicing is taking 7 readily available organic friuts and vegetables and juicing them daily. The benefits and results are amazing as you will feel better with more energy, build up a healthy resistance in the form of a super charged immune system, your skin will clear appear fresher, your eyes will be brighter and much more.

Check out Kardy’s videos on the net and see what he is up to as when you combine healthy eating and regular activity your fantastic vehicle known as your body will go on and on and on . . .