Introduction To Core Training & Abdominal Muscles – Instruction

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Introduction To Core Training And Abdominal Muscles For Exercise

 “Core Blimey”!

Kardy says abdominal muscles or the core group of muscles, are included in what we call core muscles and they even include your back and your mid-section muѕсlе. Some researchers include inner thigh in this group as well. In order to work these muscles they are worked  statically ( holding in a fixed position) or through its full range of motion from a given point depending on the activity.

But you can hold them in slightly as the majority of the time until it becomes an involutary action.

Core muscles are good to work so go ahead and do not leave them out.

Remember to hold your abdominals 30% while performing exercises.

Basically muscles that help support your abdominals so you can perform daily tasks are considered core muscles as well.

Here is anaother resource on core muscles:-


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