Correct Squat Technique & How To Squat Properly – Instruction

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Correct Squat Technique The Body Weight Squat

The squat is a very popular muti-muscle exercise that ids used in a variety of ways in exercise. You can do squats but do make sure you do them properly

To begin stand comfortably apart roughly about 2 shoulder widths and make sure you stay in alignment. Very simply this is the way to squat using your bodyweight

  • Knees should be over toes
  • Shift your weight to the back of your feet – heels.
  • Bend until you engage your major muscles
  • Push your butt back – Like you are sitting on an imaginary bench
  • To come up- push up through your heels – You can bring your arms forward to counteract your balance.
  • Return to starting position

Check out squats definition on Wikipedia



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