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Shooaway Fly Repellent

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Stop Flies Around Food With This Great Fly Repellent We all want to stop flies around food that's why I agreed to help spread the word abbout this ingenious new product to the UK Called the Shooaway! It shoos flies away by using 2 spinning plastic blades with patented holographic discs that make the flies go into dis-orientation as it affects their eyes because of the way flies see. It is harmless to pets and children and works on 2 x AA batteries. You can use it at barbeques, restaurants, catering events in fact anywhere where food is on show and…

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Fit Combo 2

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This combination was put together by special request and I commend you on your choice. Please enjoy this and let us know what you think or even send us a review.

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Easy Fitness Warm Up 5 To Get Energised

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 "A Warm Up That's Simple & Effective"! Warm Your Body - Before You Workout Or Do Any Activity With Kardy. There Are Other Warm Ups Here -More will be added as time goes by. It's always a good idea to do a warm up that works so you can use this as a variation to the others to allow you keep your excitement going. [WPCR_SHOW POSTID="ALL" NUM="3" SNIPPET="" MORE="" HIDECUSTOM="0" HIDERESPONSE="0"] (more…)

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Kardy Party Dance Workout

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 "If Hundreds Can Do It- So Can You"! Dance Fitness At Its Best - Lose Weight Whilst Moving With Kardy. Choose from a selection of warm ups -This will increase over time - check back regularly.   (more…)

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Music Offer

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My Music Gift To You Just click and do your own workout while you are around the house or in your car . . . listen on your phone . . . share . . .This is my gift to you enjoy this . .         Click Here 'Right Click Save As' To Download

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Fun Fitness Dance Workout With Kardy Laguda

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 "Anybody Can Do This- Give It A Go"! Fun Fitness & Weight Loss Are The Results - Keep Going. Warm Up First Here -Kardy thinks of the everyday person when creating this type of workout.   Have you ever had a fun fitness dance workout that makes you smile, laugh and lose weight at the same time. (more…)

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