A Beginners Back Exercise Routine For Home

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Work Your Back At Home Anytime?

 “Don’t Forget Your Back – It Sometimes Gets Left Behind”!

Our back muscle is one of the core muscles one of many core muscles that keep us centered.

Warm up first here. http://kardysfitness.com/easy-warm-up-before-you-workout

Back strengthening is something that sometimes gets left out when we workout with a program as a whole. We tend to work on our abs and chest and butt and legs and our poor old back doesn’t get a look in.

It’s so important to make sure we strengthen our back as we need to create balance throughout the whole of our body.

When doing these back exercises remember the rules:-

  • Pace yourself
  • Stay in alignment
  • Hold your abdominal muscles in
  • Breathe out on the contraction of the muscle

When lying down:-

  • Hold your abdominal muscles in
  • Keep your lower back in a neutral position
  • When lowering your back down – remember to roll it slow to the floor.

and even when its all so challenging – SMILE!

There are more exercise rules here


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